In order to grow, we have to take a step

At Community Church, we define spiritual growth as movement in the direction of Jesus. The good news is, we all have a step we can take, and no matter what your background is, where you've been, or what you've done, you have a NEXT step

Our Core Four

Whereas everybody has a step to take, we believe there are four important steps for ALL people to take in their faith journey.

Starting Point

We all have lots of starting points in life - with school, with relationships, with work... and even with faith.  Starting Point Groups provide a safe environment where you can have authentic conversations about faith.  We think it's a great place to... well... start.


Each of us is wired differently - with different gifts, passions, and personalities. We think it's important to understand what makes us unique so we can live a more God-filled and personally fulfilling life.

Spiritual Formation

For centuries, Christians have engaged in spiritual practices connect with God in a real, personal way. We believe God meets us in these time-honored practices to shape and mold us in the image of Christ.

Scripture Engagement

One of the biggest challenges as it comes to spiritual growth is understanding the Bible. Can a collection of documents from thousands of years ago still have relevance today? In short: YES. In fact, we believe engaging with Scripture is one of the most important steps in the faith journey.

Freed - Up Financial Living

You still have time to register!  Join us for a 5-week class designed to help us at every stage of life to effectively deal with day-to-day issues related to finances. Sundays starting October 3 - October 31 | Greensburg Campus | 4:00-5:15 PM | childcare provided

Are you ready to take your NEXT step?

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